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Personal training

I love what I do. My multi-disciplinary background as a Fitness & Wellness Centre Owner-Manager, Team Leader, Trainer-Coach and Athlete, from the educational and recreational to the competitive, and from the commercial to the sportively, has provided me with a deep understanding of social comportamental (grupal-individual), also human movement and its relation with the environment and its holistic complexity.

I have over 18 years experience teaching as a Physical Educator, a Strength & Conditioning Group Coach and a Personal Trainer. During my career I have worked in different disciplines and different roles related to the Fitness & Wellness field from Coaching Athletes with specific goals to help people with recreational goals passing through really challenging rehab and prehab goals.


I had the fortune to discover my passion really early in my life when I started teaching Martial Arts and then I continued my formation to support my knowledge in Physical Conditioning studying different methods such as, Natural Method/Movnat, Ido Portal Method, Animal Flow, CrossFit/Functional Training and different courses related with strength conditioning with fitness tools as Kettlebells, Macebells, Clubbells, and others.


Due to my experience as a Boy Scout in my childhood to adulthood and thanks to my training in martial arts and unconventional activities such as Capoeira, Parkour, Calisthenics, Acrobatics, Whitewater Rafting and Trekking Guide, I am confident that I can help you in achieving your physical objetives. I can summarize that due to the various experiences from different areas I was fortunate to learn holistically, thus being able to relate the importance of physical, spiritual and psycho-emotional development, care and relationship with the environment and the community.

Through my lifestyle dedicated to movement, physical activity and sport I have been able to understand the internal logic and objectives of sports and from there the formulation of methods that allow the improvement of the physical condition of my athletes through a rigorous biomechanical analysis and the functional application of movements adapted to the activity in question.

This is not about me telling you what to do, this is about me helping you to explore the human movement dimensions and giving you the possibility of being a critical thinker who want to recover your health, gain autonomy and improving your capabilities.


1 Session - 90$

4 Session pack - 340$

8 Session pack - 650$

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I encourage my students to have our practice outdoor...

Most of our sessions will happen in parks, beaches and open spaces in Army Bay and the Whangaparāoa area.

In case of uncomfortable weather conditions I own a beautiful home studio where we can develop our practices for no extra fees nor membership.

I can travel to you!!!

If you cannot come to me I can travel to you for no fees in Army Bay area or we can calculate travel fees depending your location (cost of fee due to distance and time calculation).



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