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- Strength & Athleticism -
Move without pain, Improve your body composition, increase your energy levels and feel great!!!

“Nature does not lead humans to remain weak.
Quite the contrary,
it urges men to function
by suggesting

what you should do through instinct. ”


Georges Hébert (1875 - 1957) 




Reconnection Training stands out as an Unconventional Functional Fitness Method, rooted in the principles of Evolutionary Human Movement.


For millions of years of evolution our bodies  passed through important biological adaptations in order to ensure the survival of our species. All this processes happened in the natural environment. This is why our bodies are more familiar, by far, to this wild surrounding, therefore our biology will be more positively responsive if we reproduce that ancient lifestyle as closer as we can.


Since nowadays most of people in the world cannot go back to that "caveman" lifestyle, Reconnection Training offers this Re-Connection pathway to recover the Human possibilities in terms of physical capability, health, psycho-cognitive function and spiritual development.


My method is going to gradually and gently expose you, from the well known to the "unknown" practices, to place you out of the comfort zone to gain anti-fragile adaptability and make you sovereign of your own existence.


This unique perspective of Human Movement is a powerful form to rediscover your potential.


Personal Training

Movement Classes

I am currently living in Auckland,  we could start training TODAY! 

If you are based somewhere else, we can work together at a distance through online coaching, don't hesitate to contact me.


Tropical Leaf




Worksops & Retreats


Currently living in Aotearoa after teaching workshops through Brasil, Chile and Argentina. Please contact me if you are interested in co-hosting a workshop with me.

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THIS IS reconnection TRAINING

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"Whether in individual work or in groups, Gabriel maintains continuous correction and accompaniment, emphasising details, the correct technical execution to ensure 100% performance and optimum care of the performer's body; taking care and respecting the body and the timing of each individual.


... besides a great professional, Gabriel is a great source of inspiration. It has taught me to see physical activity holistically and to establish conscious movement as a way of life. Understanding that with constancy and determination everything is possible. "

Valeria Alic, 30 years old

"I took personalized classes to improve my gymnastic exercises, focused on CrossFit.

I started with Gabriel at 40 years old and I am now 42.

I have already obtained excellent results thanks to his work.

Gabriel is an excellent professional, with very good predisposition and responsibility. "

Ruben Prado, 42 years old


New Zealand - Argentina - Chile - Brasil

Tel: +64 27 327 4394

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