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My On-line course is one of the most complete form of "Fitness" Guide that you can get!!!

With +17 years experience as a Teacher and Practitioner in many interdisciplinary fields I offer a powerful integrative guide to put you again actualized in terms of Human Movement & Physical Conditioning.

I´m confident that my Evolutionary Perspective of Physical Activity and the integration with the contemporary perspective of physical conditioning is the best approach to help you to achieve the next level as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Strength Conditioning Coach, Physical Educator or even if you are one who only want to improve your own capabilities.

This is not about me telling you what to do, this is about me helping you to explore the human movement dimensions and giving you the possibility of being a critical thinker who want to gain autonomy and leadership skills.


The total cost of the e-course is 150 US dollars.

Once we have received your payment we will contact you to proceed with the process of accessing the study resources.

On the first Saturday/Sunday after your payment is registered in our account, you will receive, in your registered e-mail, the first session of the certification and from then on, for 24 weeks every Saturday or Sunday of each week until the end of the study program.

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This training aims to provide you with concrete educational tools from a holistic "Fitness" paradigm that you can use with your students/clients/patients or with yourself to help bring about a tangible change in their health, lifestyle and approach to physical activity and human movement.


This course involves not only acquiring the knowledge and theoretical foundations of the program but also getting involved in the physical practice to be able to understand, experience and justify the reasons and exercises through empirical and scientific knowledge.


With this course you gain access to one of the most complete video libraries in the world with more than 650 examples of exercises that you can learn and practice anywhere. This video library does not include variants, progressions or tutorials. This means that the possibilities of learning are infinite since the richness of these resources is found in the regular contact with the educator. The objective of prioritizing and promoting contact through online meetings is to generate community, closeness and openness between the parties so that it does not become just another online program. This is unique and especially enriching.

​This part time dedication course is divided into 4 modules with their content designed to facilitate learning, coherence and interrelation. Each module has a duration of 6 weeks, being 1 session per week that includes theory and practice, which has an approximate duration of 3-5 hours that involves reading theory and physical research of movements and exercises indicated (we propose to perform this session between 2 and 3 times per week for greater understanding, evolution and maturity of movements and concepts).


In this module we approach the basic philosophical, theoretical and practical concepts that will allow us to enter and understand the study of the next modules. The approach is general and with open-minded objectives.


Theoretical framework 

  •  - Biological, contextual and evolutionary paradigm.

  •  - Understanding the holistic paradigm

  •  - Nomenclatures, abbreviations and basic concepts.

  •  - Functional training and training functionality

  •  - Reconnection and Hybrid Training


Mobility and training

  •  - Barefooting - Physiological, Anatomical and Perceptual Benefits

  •  - ROM

  •  - Basic strength training generates

  •  - Supports, pushes, pulls, throws and locomotion.



In this module is one of the most voluminous in theoretical terms, in it we approach concepts of biological sciences in combination with the practical proposal. It also involves the deepening of movements, exercises and motor patterns related to the use of the body as a weight to overcome in order to improve general strength levels, body awareness, coordination, balance, etc.


Sciences and bibliographic support

  •  - Physiology - Metabolism

  •  - Anatomy

  •  - Biomechanics

  •  - Tensegrity

  •  - Evolutionary Nutrition



  •  - Natural Method and Training

  •  - Calisthenics

  •  - Body Flow and Movement Culture

  •  - Fighting Skills and Martial Arts

  •  - Dance and Rhythm

  •  - Gait Cycle

  •  - Breathing, Meditation and Full Presence

  •  - 1st evaluation (practice and theory)



The objective of this module is to deepen in conventional fitness tools for conventional and unconventional use. And, at the same time, to know unconventional tools for fitness. By the latter I mean the enormous possibilities that the environment (natural and urban) offers.

The theoretical approach is minimal, to allow more dedication to physical practice, and this theory is related to historical and contemporary approaches to fitness tools.



  •  - Fitness tools for physical conditioning

  •  - Kettlebells & Dumbbells

  •  - Macebells & Clubbells

  •  - Gym Rings & TRX

  •  - Various



In this last stage, in the theoretical aspect, we see the planning tools that can be applied to the substantial improvement of the physical condition of any individual who has no experience or is a pro athlete. The practical aspect consists of the integration and exploration of human movement with and without equipment in different contexts. Here, once again, we encourage the creative use of resources and the surrounding environment.



  •  - Planning

  •  - Principles of training

  •  - Periodization

  •  - Phases of Training

  •  - Biological Adaptation

  •  - Grease The Groove Method

  •  - Training Zones

  •  - 2nd evaluation (practice and theory)



  •  - Integration and Hybridization

  •  - Exploration

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