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Reconnect with what resonates with our instinct. We are the result of millions of years of evolution, that evolution happened in wild and natural environments, with great prosperity or, on the contrary, with very little, very hot or very cold, many resources or few, etc. etc. Thanks to the adpatative possibilities we have been building our anatomy, our psyche, our cultures, etc. Today we are overwhelmed by technologies and food that allow us access (and excess access) and ensures our prosperity but we have several disadvantages ... among them, the growing number of metabolic diseases (because although we have the ability to adapt to everything, this process is taking place in a ridiculously low time to generate genetic changes that allow immediate tolerance to our current lifestyle). Anatomical diseases resulting from sedentary lifestyle. Constant injuries that detonate why we are inert masses until Sunday football with friends knocks on the door.

Overpopulation and inequality of resource distribution, etc., etc. And a number of socio-cultural pathological problems that make us sleepy so that we are blind to the manipulative plays of the system which some, begin to repudiate because they also begin to wake up but, strive to sustain without knowing the damage that causes them. WAKE UP TOGETHER ... Reconnect with what resonates with our instinct. 🙏🧘‍♂️🦍🌲👣🦅 —————— @gabrielpadilla.ef @gabrielanuri #physiswild #reconnectiontraining #métodonatural #naturalmethod #entrenamientonatural #treinamentonatural #naturaltraining #naturaleza #natureza #nature #reconexión #reconexão #reconnection #rewild #rewildyourself #barefoot #awakeness #mindfulness

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