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The Natural Environment, The Past and The Present

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

All the spices in the planet, Human spices included, evolved for millions of years in a Natural Environment. The Natural environment has cicles and rythms, as everything has that in the mother earth lives. So the mother earth has different natural environments and contexts with different characteristics that changes while the time pass. All that changes happens in a long timeline and all the spices in the world can adapt their organisms to that changes and on by the pass of that long periods. All the living beings has the incredible ability of adaptation to survive and the human race are a really adaptable spices as well. But what happened when suddenly (remember the long timeline) we left the natural environment and went to establish in a fixed point? What happened when all our physical tasks were replaced for the machines? What happen when the technology, screens, comfortable lifestyle put off us of nature? What happen when you get the food with only one click? (this is hilarious) I'm not saying the technology is good or bad... What I'm saying transcend that conversation... If we really want to do something NOW to recover the true health, we need to RE-CONNECT, conserve and look after of the natural environment as much as we can, because our DNA is more adapted to that. Or, you "can wait" for the next DNA expression for the next millions of years till the junk food that we eat, the car that we drive, the coach that we sit, the pollution that we produce represent no danger for our physiology, anatomy, psychology and the more deeper concepts that made us humans. The changes in our lifestyle on the last 200 years were impressively fast, that means we have no way to be adapted to all that changes in this ridiculous part of our existence compared with the enormous and the understandable many years passed.

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